12-Huisongda outdoor tent Tarpaulin truck cover poncho tent outside shade dustproof windproof high temperature anti-aging (Color : Yellow, Size : 8X10M)

Brand: 12-Huisongda

Color: Yellow


  • More durable tarpaulin for long-term use.
  • ★ Heavy materials: The net is heavy but very light. High density polyethylene, UV material.
  • ★Features: canvas dustproof, weatherproof, mildewproof, breathable, lightweight, long life and strength resistant to acid and alkali, waterproof;
  • ★ Reinforcement: The product is reinforced at every corner, with a fixed rust-proof aluminum metal buckle per meter for optimum stability and tear resistance. Designed for all weather resistance, including sub-zero winter temperatures and The hot summer makes it an ideal choice for covering the roof.
  • ★Applicable to: Can be used for warehousing, construction, trucks, coal mines, ships, warehouses, farms, camping


Meets all covering or protection needs for maximum strength and durability.

Product Name: tarpaulin

Quantity: 1

Style: durable

Features: stable and waterproof

Material: Rolyester canvas;

Thickness: 0.3±0.02MM,

Dimensions: 3X4M, 3X8M, 4X4M, 4X5M, 4X6M, 4X8M, 4X10M, 5X6M, 5X8M, 5X15M, 6X6M, 7X10M, 8X10M, 8X12M (size can be customized)

Configuration: 1 hole per 1M, with iron buckle, easy to wear with rope

Features: waterproof, sunscreen, mildewproof, tensile, tear resistant, cold resistant, acid resistant, easy to fold, easy to clean


1, the site poncho is handmade, plus the need for edge punching, the aspect ratio is insufficient;

2. Prevent rain from scouring any sharp objects. For long-term use, try to avoid sharp objects. Don't drag it to the ground.

3, after the poncho buckle on the rope, can not withstand excessive tension, otherwise it will tear;

4. It is not recommended to use tarps vertically. The buttonhole cannot withstand the weight of the tarpaulin for a long time;

5, the rain cloth is a closed product, it should be rainproof

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Weatherproof, tearproof and mildew proof, blocking UV and dust, all weather protection.

EAN: 7396058147785