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2018 Liquid Force Thruster Foil Kit

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Brand: Liquid Force


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The 2018 Liquid Force Thruster Foil Set is LF's newest foil kit. Developed in collaboration with Hood River master foiler and foil designer, Matt Wheeler, the Thruster Foil takes performance to the next level. The Thruster Foil features an early takeoff speed, excellent stability, and an extended speed range. The Thruster Foil goes fast while at the same time being excellent at carving.

The Thruster Foil wings feature a unique flat design that translates into a larger projected area, the part of the foil that gives it lift, which means the foil is smaller with less drag. This flat design allows the tips of the foil to break the water surface without causing the foil to cavitate resulting in the foil losing lift. The Thruster's wings derive their lift from the center of the foil, while the wingtips provide stability.

The HD (HydroDynamic) Fuselage reduces drag with a sleek design that is compatible with all Liquid Force wings. You can mix and match wings to your heart's delight. Another feature of the HD Fuselage is that it extends beyond the wings in the front and back. The advantage here is that if you hit a rock or reef, rather than damaging the wings, the fuselage will take the brunt of the force leaving your wings undamaged. The aluminum fuselage can take this sort of abuse much better than the wings.

Occupying the space between the low aspect Rocket Foil Wings and the faster medium aspect Happy Foil Wings, the Thruster Foil Set is great for beginners as well as riders who are progressing with their foiling skills. Able to foil at very low speeds, the Thruster Foil Set can also handle a great deal of speed with excellent stability. The Thruster Foil is all the buzz with the feedback being overwhelmingly positive. If you are looking to take your foiling skills to the next level or if you want to start foiling now, the Thruster Foil should be front and center on your radar.

*The Liquid Force base plate is compatible with Slingshot

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