AKBQ Silicone Waterproof Camouflage Canvas - Thickened Encryption Wear-Resistant Tarpaulin Rainproof Tent Clothing Yard Cover Cloth,6X6M

Brand: AKBQ

Color: 6x6m


  • ◆Material: High-density warp and weft weave, double-sided PVC waterproof coating, double-sided anti-sun and lotus leaf water-repellent, weatherproof, sunscreen. Thickness: 0.47mm
  • ◆ Thick and durable: thick fabric, no looseness, no cracking, no needle eye, no dripping, excellent stability and tear resistance.
  • ◆Reinforcement angle: all-round reinforcement, galvanized buttonhole, not easy to scatter
  • ◆Easy to carry: tarpaulin is used to protect paint, water droplets will not penetrate, fold into compact size, easy to store in small space or backpack
  • ◆ Scope of application: Widely used in goods, covering equipment, building tents, tarpaulins, warehouses, farms, greening, paving, factories, leaking squares, etc.

Details: Product parameters

Dimensions:3X4M , 3X5M , 3X6M , 4X4M , 4X5M , 4X6M , 5X5M , 5X6M , 5X7M ,6X6M,6X10M

Weight: 420 g / square meter

quantity: 1

Product Maintenance: For your long-term use, please avoid the following points

1, do not touch sharp objects to prevent the tarpaulin from being pierced

2, the tarpaulin can not withstand excessive pressure after the buttonhole, otherwise it will be torn

3. It is not recommended to hang the tarpaulin vertically. The gasket cannot withstand the weight of the tarpaulin for a long time.

4, tarpaulin is a closed product, should be put away in time after the rain, large temperature difference between day and night, steam volatilization will not cause the illusion of water leakage.

EAN: 6484356358383