BIXIANGJI outdoor tent Tarpaulin thick canvas truck waterproof tarpaulin outdoor cold sun shade windproof dustproof wear-resistant anti-corrosion silicone cloth (Color : Green, Size : 4×5m)


Color: Green


  • Ideal for camping groundsheets, shelters, fishing, hunting or for anything that needs protecting from harsh weather.
  • ★ Heavy materials: The net is heavy but very light. High density polyethylene, UV material.
  • ★Features: canvas dustproof, weatherproof, mildewproof, breathable, lightweight, long life and strength resistant to acid and alkali, waterproof;
  • ★ Reinforcement: The product is reinforced at every corner, with a fixed rust-proof aluminum metal buckle per meter for optimum stability and tear resistance. Designed for all weather resistance, including sub-zero winter temperatures and The hot summer makes it an ideal choice for covering the roof.
  • ★Applicable to: Can be used for warehousing, construction, trucks, coal mines, ships, warehouses, farms, camping


These tarpaulins are rot, mildew and shrink proof. Easy to handle and transport due to the lightweight material.

Name: tarpaulin

quantity: 1

Material: Silicone cloth

Thickness: 0.8mm±0.05mm

Weight: 600±20g / m2

Waterproof: double-sided waterproof

Color: green

Material: Silicone cloth (soft, smooth, high temperature resistant, anti-oxidation, anti-aging, moisture-proof, anti-static, good warmth, light weight, no smell, environmental protection)

Features: super waterproof, sunscreen, anti-corrosion mold, tensile tear resistance, cold acid resistance, easy to fold and easy to deform, easy to wash, available for four seasons

Scope of application: Suitable for trains, cars, docks, seaports, warehouses, farms, pastures, etc., can be used to make a variety of covering cloth; it can be used to sew tower clothing, fog coats, field work and portable tourist tents

Cleaning method: You can wipe with soap or with warm water, but you can't put it into the machine for cleaning.


1, the site poncho is handmade, plus the need for edge punching, the aspect ratio is insufficient;

2. Prevent rain from scouring any sharp objects. For long-term use, try to avoid sharp objects. Don't drag it to the ground.

3, after the poncho buckle on the rope, can not withstand excessive tension, otherwise it will tear;

4. It is not recommended to use tarps vertically. The buttonhole cannot withstand the weight of the tarpaulin for a long time;

5, the rain cloth is a closed product, it should be rainproof

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UV resistant and waterproof to protect from harsh weather conditions. Can be used as cover for trailers, cars, boats, bikes, and caravans when not in use.

EAN: 7396053535747