Brown children's protective net, stair balcony anti-fall net climbing nylon net color decorative net wear-resistant anti-corrosion applies to stairs, balconies, ceilings, suspension bridges, garden fe



  • Child safety net: cold and frost resistant, strong corrosion resistance, high strength, light weight, strong
  • Stair-proof net: used for stairs, balconies, landscape guardrails, exterior walls, etc., to prevent the baby from falling near the gap, but also to play an aesthetic role
  • Interior decoration net: using environmentally friendly materials, refused to use waste recycling, no odor, harmless
  • Child protection net: professional knotting, multi-strand weaving, make the rope net more durable
  • Polyester woven mesh, hand-made, moderate softness, mesh weight up to 200 kg, not easy to fade, not afraid of wind and rain, long service life, more durable


The main material of the color net is nylon material, the product is durable, encrypted and woven, the mesh structure is stronger, more wear-resistant and longer service life.

Children's rock climbing net outdoor training net, durable, can withstand wind and rain, so it is especially suitable for outdoor use, tight weaving, clear lines, giving the rope more anti-slip, durability and wear resistance

Protective net specifications: 1 * 1m, 1 * 2m, 1 * 3m, 1 * 4m, 1 * 5m, 1 * 6m, 1 * 7m, 1 * 8m, 1 * 9m, 2 * 2m, 2 * 3m, 2 *4m, 2 * 5m, 2 * 6m, 2 * 7m, 2 * 8m, 2 * 9m, 3 * 3m, 3 * 4m, 3 * 5m, 3 * 6m, 4 * 4m, 4 * 5m, 4 * 6M

★Staircase safety net rope: thickness about 6MM

★ Outdoor climbing net spacing: 5CM

★Nylon woven mesh color: brown

★ woven mesh suitable for use: outdoor, indoor, can be used anywhere,

★Nylon woven mesh is widely used: stairs, windows, gardens, climbing, swings, hammocks, suspension bridges, kindergartens, shopping malls, restaurants, amusement parks, clothing stores, hanging nets, roof hanging nets, decorative nets, plant protection nets, tunnel nets, blocking animal nets, preventing falls, mosquito nets, insect nets, child safety nets, cat nets, etc.

The child protection net not only protects children, but also protects cute little animals.

Outdoor climbing nets can make children more confident and confident

Decorative nets to make your room more beautiful and vivid

Child safety nets are measured by hand.It is normal to have a 1-3 cm error.

The stair shatterproof net is hand-made and the color error is normal.

The outdoor training network is handcrafted, allowing customers to customize a variety of sizes and colors.


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