Campagnolo Zonda C17 Wheels, Black, One Size

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Brand: Campagnolo

Color: Black


  • Zonda is an excellent choice for training or sports; Output to transmit all the power to the wheel
  • Outstands for its great versatility from the different rim height: 26 mm at the front to have better handling and 30 mm in the back
  • To transmit all the power to the wheel

Publisher: Campagnolo

Details: Zonda is the best-selling product in the Campagnolo wheel range. It's not stingy on technical novelties. Thanks to the hub with reduced diameter, in combination with the differentiated rim height of 24 / 27 mm and the new optically improved, self-locking nipples, a wheel set is created that is distinguished by its good handling and high shock resistance. Using this model in the race is certainly not a bold decision. G3 GeometryCampagnolo has developed a spoking pattern that, compared to a conventional wheel, improves energy transmission, reduces the stress on the right spokes on the rear wheel and increases lateral stiffness. In the G3 geometry, the right side of the rear wheel has twice as many spokes as the left side. The advantages of the G3 system are amazing - improved power transmission, increased lateral stiffness, reduced spoke tension on the rear wheel. Thanks to the G3 system, vibrations are eliminated - even for heavier riders. Dynamic Balance The welded rim joint adds a few grams to one side of the rim. The problem is the unevenly distributed weight ratio caused by the magnet. The solution is Dynamic Balance. The mass of the rim joint is balanced with exactly the same mass. So the wheel runs perfectly balanced. In Campagnolo's top models, developers achieve this by special machining of the rim relative to the rim joint. MoMagThe "Mounting Magnet" is a magnet with a mind. That's why Campagnolo patented it. The spoke nipples are inserted into the rim through the valve opening and then guided to the corresponding opening by a magnet. The upper rim web is closed and clamping is done from the outside. The closed rim bed is more stable, no rim tape is required for clincher tyres, which saves additional weight. The spokes can be tightened and changed easily. The wheel...

EAN: 8050046163773

Package Dimensions: 26.2 x 25.2 x 11.3 inches