CCJW Rainproof Cloth Waterproof Cloth Windproof Sand Plastic Cloth Sunshade Cloth Awning Sun Protection Cloth Waterproof Rainproof Anti-sun Three-color Thick Color Strip Cloth (Size : 4 * 50m)

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Brand: CCJW


  • The tent is highly durable, tear resistant, stretch resistant and UV resistant.
  • All weather - anti-corrosion, anti-shrink, and equipped with UV stabilizers.
  • Tarpaulin Waterproof - Mildewproof - Washable - Environmentally friendly Easy to carry, easy to clean and remove any dirt.
  • Designed for all weatherability, including zero winter temperatures and hot summers, making it ideal for use as a roof cover.
  • Versatile and compact: suitable for trucks, bicycle boats, etc. Also suitable for spray protection because water droplets do not penetrate.


Ideal for adding insulation to the tent floor, as a protective layer for cars, trucks or boats, as a protective layer on the trailer, keeping the garden furniture dry throughout the year.

Product Name: Tarpaulin

Product material: polyethylene

Color classification: stripes

Size: 4*50m, 5*50m

Weight: 100g/m2

Thickness: 0.1mm

sunscreen cover


All of the sides of the waterproof cloth are punched, and the rope must not be pulled after the eye is perforated. Otherwise, there may be deformation or shedding of the buttonhole.

The large size rain cloth is not recommended for vertical suspension. The buttonhole cannot withstand the weight of the rainproof cloth.

The waterproof cloth is an airtight product. After the rain stops, the rainproof cloth should be lifted in time. The temperature difference between day and night is large, and the water vapor is not emitted, which will cause the false impression that the rain cloth Leaks.

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