Cvnvbb Camouflage Net Sunshade Net Sun Net Awning Oxford Cloth Camping Tent, Children's Study Building Garden Balcony Privacy Sunshade Hidden Photography Hunting Shooting (multiple

Brand: Cvnvbb


  • Camouflage mesh material, polyester oxford cloth, nylon rope
  • The sunscreen camouflage net is made of sturdy polyester material that resists tearing and has several small loops around the corner for hanging and riveting.
  • This shade net is the ultimate camouflage tool for your outdoor needs, made from ripstop Oxford and designed for outdoor use.
  • The sunshade net is durable, waterproof and corrosion resistant, once again proved to be a perfect outdoor companion.
  • Sunscreen camouflage nets are suitable for decoration, sun room, outdoor swimming pool, theme bar, restaurant, club decoration, children's room decoration, army theme, wildlife photography, photography background, beach car cover, carport, boat curtains, ladders, etc.


Product Name: Jungle camouflage camouflage net

Material: polyester oxford, nylon rope

Dimensions: width X length 10X15m, 10X20m, 10X25m, 10X30m, 10X50m

Note: It is recommended to avoid pulling when installing, not too tightly installed, and the four-sided mounting rope should be fixed as much as possible.

EAN: 8496175294375