DYFYMXOutdoor equipment Tarpaulin rainproof sunscreen car shed cloth Oxford cloth outdoor tent cloth dustproof windproof sunshade @ (Color : B, Size : 8 * 15m)

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Color: B


  • ●Sturdy but light weight, easy to carry, foldable, easy to store
  • ● Suitable for camping floors, shelters, fishing, hunting or any place that needs protection from bad weather
  • ●Long-lasting anti-sun, high temperature resistance: anti-oxidation material, durable anti-sun, high temperature resistance, durable, widely used in parking sheds, containers, hoods, home garden defense, etc.
  • ●The color of the image may deviate due to the difference in light and display.
  • ●The product will be delivered within 7-21 days. If it is not received, please contact us in time!

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Product Name: tarpaulin
Material: new polyethylene
Dimensions: 1.5 × 2 m, 2 × 2 m, 2 × 3 m, 3 × 3 m, 3 × 5 m, 4 × 4 m, 4 × 5 m, 5 × 5 m, 5 × 6 m, 5 × 7 m, 6 × 7 m, 6 × 8 m, 7 * 7m, 4 * 10m, 5 * 10m, 6 * 10m, 6 * 12m, 8 * 10m, 10 * 12m, 8 * 12m, 8 * 15m
Wear resistance: more than 3000 rpm
Waterproof performance: hydrostatic pressure 40.5kpa
Composition and content: 100% polyester
Surface: waterproof weaving
Surface weight: 180 g / square meter
Cleaning method: You can wipe with soap or with warm water, but you can't put it into the machine for cleaning.
Product performance: waterproof, mildew proof, cold resistant, aging resistant, soft, light and so on.
Suitable for: warehouses, buildings, trucks, coal mines, etc.
Features: This product uses high-strength polyester filament as the base fabric, with sun-proof insulation, anti-freeze, weather resistance, easy folding, good flexibility, light weight, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, waterproof, flame retardant and so on.
UV-resistant polyethylene: several layers of particularly densely woven polyethylene.
Thick and sturdy: Due to its multi-layer construction and cross-laminated film, it is stronger than standard canvas, but it is still designed to be lightweight and easy to carry.
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EAN: 8081160932006