FJZ 6945267217263

FJZ Waterproof Cloth Waterproof Sunscreen Thickening Tarpaulin Car Truck Sunshade Canvas Thick Waterproof Cloth Outdoor Sunscreen Awning Cloth (Size : 580 * 980cm)

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Brand: FJZ


  • The sunshade fabric is made of polyester fiber + PVC rubber, which is precision-made to improve the waterproofness and impermeability of the tarpaulin.
  • Thickened PVC waterproof tarpaulin, double-coated PVC glue, improve the waterproof and imperviousness of tarpaulin, tear-resistant anti-aging, sunscreen anti-oxidation, anti-freeze and heat-insulating more shading; soft material, high-strength silk with high-density weaving, durable Resistant to tearing.
  • High temperature heat sealing bilateral, strong tensile, integral seam, no loose edge without off-line, four bread corners, metal buckle eye tear resistance, practical wear resistance, long life.
  • Uses: Cover trucks, goods yard cover, balcony rain and sun protection, rain and snow parking sheds.


PVC tarpaulin shade cloth

Color: Army Green

Material: industrial polyester yarn + PVC

Thickness: about 0.06cm

Waterproof performance: double-sided waterproof

Features: rainproof, sunscreen, acid and alkali resistant, soft and resistant to folding

Note: This product is hand-measured and the product size may be slightly wrong. Please refer to the actual product.

Use scene: various buildings, trucks, factories and yards cover goods, balcony rain and sun protection, rain and snow parking sheds, seaports, etc.

EAN: 6945267217263