Garmin Vector 3 Pedals With two sensors black 2018 Dirt Bike Pedals

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Brand: Garmin

Color: Black


  • On-site calibration

Publisher: Garmin

Details: Better performanceBetter, smarter and connected on the go - with the Vector 3-Watt Pedal System. If you want to beat your personal best in your next competition or Gran Fondo, past performance data is always the most reliable way to estimate your future performance. Unlike other power meters, the Vector 3's sensors are located directly in the pedals, so you get reliable data every time you train.Better training planning with Cycling DynamicsWith the Vector 3 system with dual sensor, the performance of the right and left leg is stored independently of each other. The Vector 3 measures overall performance, cadence and power distribution from left and right. It also records advanced Cycling Dynamics so you can adapt your workout to your personal weaknesses and strengths to improve your performance. The device also stores when and how long you have spent standing or sitting. This allows conclusions to be drawn about the effectiveness of the respective position. You can also see the power phase, which shows you when the positive riding force begins and ends in the pedal cycle. The Platform Center Offset indicates where the force is applied to the pedal so you can be sure that the cleat is positioned correctly. Edge Bicycle Computer and Garmin Connect Mobile App.Easy to assemble, change and use With the Vector 3, you don't have to disassemble or reassemble any other components and save yourself the trouble of installing additional sensors. Therefore the Vector 3 is installed like any other pedal. Mounting on different bicycles is also very simple. Ergonomics were also carefully considered during the development with a beautifully shaped design. The precision stainless steel axle and composite pedal body are specially manufactured and tested for durability. The device has a battery...

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Package Dimensions: 8.6 x 6.1 x 3.5 inches