GUANHONG Car car refrigerator refrigeration compressor mini small car home dual-use large capacity froze



  • Efficient cooling: high-energy compressors, refrigeration up to -25 ° C.
  • Digital screen: LCD digital screen reality, accurate temperature control every degree.
  • Dual mode: Freezer section, two cooling modes.
  • Safety protection: Three-speed adjustable battery protection, caring for the car.
  • Shockproof: Unique anti-seismic design, no fear of bumpy road surface.

Details: Cooling range: 20 degrees - minus 25 degrees
Capacity: 32L
Power: 45W
Refrigerator size: 602 x 320 x445mm
Voltage: AC 220V DC 12-24V
Working mode: Refrigeration DC compressor
Box size: Freezer zone 340 x 242 x342mm Refrigerated area 145 x 242 x170mm

EAN: 9671113230465