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GUANHONG Compressor car refrigerator freezer refrigeration mini refrigerator small household refrigeration car home dual-use froze

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  • Low-noise fan: Baby sleeps silently, and can sleep peacefully at night.
  • Fast cooling capacity: Mini-refrigerator to achieve fast cooling, achieve 3 hours cooling around 25 °C
  • Low-frequency radiation: radiation shielding technology, the whole process of care and safety to make your family healthier.
  • Portable: put in the car, travel, camping, enjoy the cool anytime, anywhere
  • Core refrigeration: high-power refrigeration system, the effect is good, you can enjoy the cool life outside.

Details: Voltage: DC12v/220v
Refrigeration range: -20°C-10°C
Size: 245*345*280mm outside 320*580*360mm
Power: 48W
Intelligent temperature control: refined to 1 °C
Refrigeration method: compressor refrigeration

EAN: 9671113230854