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Heavy Duty Tarps Multi-Purpose Waterproof Poly Tarp Cover with Tent Shelter Camping Tarpaulin-For Tarpaulin Canopy, Camping, Carport, Boat, Furniture, Floors, RV, Pool Or Roof Repair Items,9.7×11.7m

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Brand: zhangchao


  • DURABLE HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL - Using only high-quality 100% Virgin PE Tarpaulin material ensures the cover to last long and resistant to Mold & Mildew, tough spec 16x16 weave count for maximum strength and durability. 220g Per square yard, 0.38mm thick.
  • UV TREATED AND BLOCKAGE - Using UV treated material reduces fading and to retain material strength. Blocking up to 100% of visibility and rain, reduces UV rays.
  • WEATHER RESISTANT AND MULTIPURPOSE - Waterproof Tarp Covers ideal for Tarpaulin Canopy Tent, Camping, Carport, Boat, Furniture, Floors, RV, Shelter, Pool or Roof Repair Items.
  • EASY INSTALLATION - Trimmed edge with rope reinforced hem and rust resistant Aluminum grommets every 2 - 3 Ft allows for easy installation. Grommets allows the usage of zip ties, ropes, ball bungees and other accessories .
  • WEATHERPROOF-Rain or shine, snow or wind this heavy tarp can handle it all! It is UV resistant, water proof and weather proof, and can withstand storms and the elements outdoors. Use our tarp anywhere; they are waterproof, shrink proof and color fast making them efficient in any climate.

Details: Using high-quality UV treated materials helps protect from damaging UV rays, rain and excessive heat. When installed correctly, water will be repelled and will run off. Our grommet design allows for ease of installation with many accessories like zip ties, ropes, bungee balls, nails and more.

Our tarps can be used for many different purposes, such as dump truck covers, canopy enclosures, patio covers, site barriers, privacy fences, kennels, construction sites and many other similar uses.

- Name: PE Heavy duty waterproof tarp
-Material: New polyethylene
- Weight: 210 g / square meter, thickness: 0.38 mm
-Double re-enforced corners with rope hem along all four edges
-UV protection layer on both sides for added protection of assets and longer tarp life
-Waterproof and rot resistant construction

-Features: It is waterproof, mildewproof, cold resistant, aging resistant, antistatic, cold, hard, soft and light; suitable for all types of buildings, trucks, enterprises, seaports, etc.

Highest Quality Materials and Construction coupled with maximum versatility

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EAN: 8034568655367