Kievy Compressor Cool Box Camping Fridge Truck 24V/12V/110-240V (30L) Car Mini Refrigerators Car Cooler In Sports Outdoors Can be Lower than Ambient Temperature 18°C (Size : Car And Home Use)

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Brand: Kievy


  • ✈Quick cooling and icing: Visible cooling rate can be as low as 0°C in 15 minutes and -18°C in 40 minutes,Measured data: At 25°C ambient temperature, when fully loaded with bottled water, cool to the lowest temperature,The temperature was raised to 0 ° C for up to about 63 hours and the temperature was returned to 10 ° C for about 93 hours.
  • ✈Safety and heat insulation: Box: Polypropylene resin, inner box: use high-density environmentally-friendly polyurethane, the inner tank is food-grade spray-painted aluminum alloy, which is more than 2 times faster than the plastic liner,This refrigerator is better for refrigerating and preserving the ingredients!
  • ✈Power-off memory function: Built-in memory chip, working state before power-off, automatic recovery after the next power-on, built-in ECO electronic control to check battery voltage, low power automatic power off
  • ✈ Large capacity: 30L large capacity, refrigerated area + frozen area, to meet various storage needs, 60W low energy consumption, equivalent to low energy consumption of car navigation Less than 1 ° C a day
  • ✈12V DC car refrigerator: can be inserted into the vehicle 12V DC socket or any other 12V power supply, week leisure fishing, outdoor camping, ideal for long-distance travel


These days, cars are playing an increasingly important role in our daily life. Sometimes, we will spend a large part of the day staying in cars. Furthermore, some people like having a long package journey and sleeping in the car. Therefore, how to gain food and store them will be a part and parcel of what whose have to face. The car refrigerator will be a good choice for them. They can enjoy the delicious meal and see the splendid scenery along the road at the same time.


1. Vehicular

2. Portable design, convenient to put in or take out stuffs.

3. Cryogen speed up 30%, temperature can reach to -18℃.

4. Slient design, anti-shake design, allow 45° tilt.

5. Light weight, can be carried easily.


1. Voltage: DC 12V

2. Power: 48W

3. Capacity: 30L

4. Temperature: -18℃

6. Material: Polypropylene

Package Includes:

1 x car refrigerator

1 x Cigarette lighter head charging cable

1 x Instructions for use

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