Leqi Outdoor shade cloth FJZ Rain Cloth PVC Tarpaulin Thick Cloth Thick Waterproof Sunscreen Sunshade Outdoor Insulation Canopy Waterproof Cloth Tarpaulin tarpaulin (Size : 780 * 580cm)

Brand: Leqi


  • * The sunshade fabric is made of polyester fiber + PVC rubber, which is precision-made to improve the waterproofness and impermeability of the tarpaulin.
  • * High-density weaving, polyester fiber encryption, good water resistance, double-sided plastic coating, anti-wear agent, abrasion resistance, high density, high temperature heat sealing technology, seamless fit, no loose edges.
  • *High temperature heat sealing bilateral, strong tensile, integral seam, no loose edge, no off-line, four bread corners.
  • * Metal buttonhole, tear resistance, fine workmanship, practical wear resistance, long life.
  • * Our shade cloth is suitable for all kinds of buildings, trucks, factories and mines, port terminals, family canopies, etc.


Leqi good quality shade cloth:

Heavy duty: high-density woven upper layer for maximum flexibility and strength, low-density reinforced laminated backing, weather resistance and water resistance

All weather: anti-corrosion, waterproof, anti-shrink, and equipped with UV stabilizer. Designed for all weatherability, including zero winter temperatures and hot summers, it is ideal for roof coverings.

PVC tarpaulin shade cloth

Color: green

Material: industrial polyester yarn + PVC

Thickness: 0.035±0.002cm

Waterproof performance: double-sided waterproof

Features: rain, sun protection, acid and alkali resistance, soft and folding

Note: This product is handmade, and the product size may show a slight error.

Use scene: all kinds of buildings, trucks, factories and mines, seaports, home canopies and so on.

Versatile and compact:

Good quality, suitable for trucks, bicycle boats, etc. It is also suitable for spray protection because water droplets do not penetrate or act as heavy floors to maximize moisture protection. Folded into a compact size for easy storage in tight spaces or backpacks.

EAN: 8005267302920