LZNK Automatic camping tent Pop-up Tent Outdoor 5 Person Pop-Up Tent Quick-Opening for Waterproof

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Brand: LZNK

Color: color


  • Scientific personality design can be professional, solve the disadvantages of leisure outdoor tents, so that you can use more confidence, space, family or team travel is suitable.
  • The internal account space is 240x210cm long and the height is 130cm. The real space is free and comfortable. Doors and windows are made of high-quality B3 high-density mesh to prevent mosquitoes while ensuring permeability.
  • 210D high-density Oxford cloth PUB000, plus dog hat design outdoor encounter with heavy rain is not worried, PU up to 3000, rain is no longer a hard injury to the tent.
  • The mains of the hydraulic support system, as soon as the opening of the hall can be any. The seams are made of waterproof rubber tape to make the details waterproof.
  • Three-dimensional transparent and comfortable, not sultry, air convection before and after, even if the summer is not sultry, outdoor encounters with wind and rain, has become a new landscape.

Details: Tent structure: double account
Strut material: fiberglass rod
Size: (260+110)*220*145cm
Weight: 6500 (g)
Construction situation: free to build speed
Spatial structure: one room and one living room
Style features: camouflage, wilderness survival, ultralight, cycling, Adventure, winter fishing, windproof, picnic, waterproof, cold, warm, thin, mountain climbing, fishing, ultra lightweight, night fishing
Foreign account waterproof coefficient: 2000mm (inclusive) - 3000mm (inclusive)
Waterproof coefficient of the bottom account: 2000mm (inclusive ) - 3000mm (inclusive)
Strut: fiberglass
Primer: PE
Inner account: polyester cloth
Variety: three-person double
Foreign account: polyester cloth
Color: blue
Applicable number: 3-4 people

EAN: 3002673434561