MCLJR Air Mattress with Built-in Pump, Raised Queen Inflatable Bed as Camping Bed, for 2 Adults, Indoor Outdoor Office, Inflated Size- 80x60x17 INCH

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Brand: MCLJR


  • Waterproof flocking surface and edges, flocked mattress surface for comfortable use
  • Wavy bottom, made of strong thermal carbon polymer, made of PVC body, has anti-wear effect, you can put it directly on the ground
  • Stable, not easy to collapse, three-layer airbag, uniform load bearing, strong pressure resistance
  • The scientific design makes it not only beautiful, but also has the comfort that ordinary inflatable products can't match.
  • Flocking material surface due to folding, distortion, scratching and other physical phenomena, resulting in some such traces, is a normal phenomenon of material properties, does not affect the use and quality, please rest assured buyers

Material: environmentally friendly PVC
Weight: 12kg
Product load: 200kg
Product specifications: 152*203*46CM

1. In use: When the new product is used for the first time in winter, it needs to be placed at room temperature for more than 4 hours, then open the outer carton and expand the inflation, which can significantly improve the product use time.
2. One person can use enough gas, two people use it to let go of the gas; the season changes, the temperature rises, the gas in the window will expand, pay attention to deflation.
3. Do not inflate at any time (especially in summer), otherwise the belt inside the bed will be overloaded and broken, causing the bed surface to bulge, which cannot be repaired.
4. When the temperature drops, the bed will become soft, pay attention to qi, this is a normal phenomenon, you can regularly qi.
5. Ensure that the bed or bed frame is flat and there are no sharp objects such as nails, thorns and keychains. Keep away from fire.

EAN: 6421981377501