MRU Tarpaulincamouflage Net, Oxford Cloth, Suitable for Hunting, Camping, Shooting, Sunshade, Camping, Hiding, Etc, with Camouflage, Digital, Pure Green, Etc,Green,10×10M

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Brand: MRU

Color: Green


  • ▲Material: Camouflage net uses 210D polyester oxford cloth, 21 strands of high-strength polyester mesh rope, which is more resistant to wear and has a longer service life.
  • ▲Characteristics: waterproof, sunscreen, moisture proof, anti-corrosion, fast drying
  • ▲ Scope: Suitable for hunting, camping, shooting, sun protection, camping, hiding, especially in training bases, film bases, theme parks, decoration, military exhibitions, landscape layout, photography, etc.
  • ▲Specifications: Grid standard 5×5cm, size 4×5, 10×10, color camouflage, digital, pure green, to meet your various needs
  • ▲Technology: From production, processing, finishing, sewing, finishing, to final completion, every step is to strive for excellence, only to create the best camouflage network

Details: Each line of each needle embodies our attitude towards the product. Every inch and every inch is branded with our determination to treat our customers. We may not do the best, but we always try our best to make every purchase. Customer satisfaction Product advantages:

Oxford material is waterproof, anti-corrosive and gentle, ensuring that you can use it for a long time, he can withstand all the weather and can dry quickly.

Light weight: no need to carry high weight when traveling, easy to carry.

versatility: sunshade, sunscreen, camouflage, decoration, etc.

Rich colors: jungle camouflage, digital camouflage, pure green camouflage, etc.

... Product Name: Camouflage Net

Cloth material: 210D polyester oxford cloth

Number of net strands: 21 strands of high-strength polyester mesh

Mesh size: 5 × 5cm

Use environment: -40+50 °C

Multi-color selection: camouflage, digital, pure green

Size selection: 4 × 5, 10 × 10 ···

Tips: Due to the color difference of the shooting angle, etc., some p

EAN: 7791042423676