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MRU Waterproof Tarpaulin Heavy Thick Canvas Outdoor Camping Sunshade Cover Awning Tent High Density Woven Polyethylene Breathable Soft Uv Protection,Various Sizes, Military Green,6 * 8M,

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Brand: MRU

Color: 6*8m


  • It is waterproof, shading, wear-resistant and tear-resistant, flexible and light, and light and environmentally friendly.
  • High-temperature heat-sealing double-sided edging, strong edging, not easy to tear, durable.
  • Hot-melt seamless splicing, double-sided waterproof, effectively prevent rainwater penetration, long-lasting sun protection, sunshade.
  • New sandpaper, polished for a long time, the cloth surface is slightly hairy, but the cloth is not broken, it is durable.
  • It is waterproof, mildewproof, cold resistant, anti-aging, soft and light.

Details: Product: Rain cloth

Shape: rectangle

Color: Army Green

Material: Fiber

Weight: 650 g / square meter

Dimensions: 2x3m, 5x5m, 4x5m, 6x8m, 3x5m, 6x6m, 3x6m, 4x8m, 2x2m, 4x4m

Surface: waterproof weaving

Edge: sealed and reinforced with PE rope

Thickness: 0.75mm + -0.03mm

Packing: tarpaulin * 1

Note: This product only sells ponchos, and the product does not contain other decorations.

Cleaning method: It can be wiped with soap or washed with warm water, but it can not be put into the machine for cleaning.

Scope of application:

(1) Outdoor protection, rainproof, scaffolding, covering items, covering car dust, warehouses, pastures, etc.

(2) Ideal campsites, tents, fishing, hunting or anything that needs to prevent bad weather

(3) Can be used as a cover for trailers, cars, boats, trucks and caravans

Instructions for use:

Avoid sharp sharp cuts

Other instructions:

Manually measure product size, please forgive 10-15cm error

For real-life shooting, shooting lighting, display effects and personal

EAN: 7791042427520