Outdoor Tarpaulin Camouflage Tarpaulin Waterproof Cloth Waterproof Sunscreen Tarpaulin Truck Canvas Oxford Cloth Dustproof Tarpaulin Multiple Sizes Available (Size : 5m*8m)

Brand: LLGDD


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  • ★Material: Made of high-density polyethylene material, durable and versatile.
  • ★ Protect your beloved plants from the burning of the sun or the damage of the storm.
  • ★ A sunshade awning can make your greenhouse stronger and protect against harmful UV rays and pests in the sun.
  • ★ Function: It is used for greenhouses, plants, flowers, fruit covering, sheltering sunlight, with heat resistance, moisture resistance, antifreeze and cooling. Suitable for plant coverage and covered with summer shades.


The sunscreen is the ideal element for your garden, the vegetation cover, the car sun visor and the shelter for terraces.

Tarpaulins are perfect for camping, hiking, sporting events, festivals, picnics and beaches.

Product: sun protection and UV protection

Color : Camouflage green

Material: polyethylene

Weight: 500g /

Dimensions: 2m * 1.5m, 2m * 2m, 2m * 3m, 2m * 4m, 3m * 3m, 3m * 4m, 3m * 5m, 3m * 6m, 4m * 4m, 4m * 5m, 4m * 6m, 5m * 6m , 5m * 7m, 5m * 8m, 6m * 7m, 6m * 8m, 7m * 9m

Packaging: plastic bag * 1

Note: this product only sells mosquito nets and the products do not contain other decorations.

★ Cleaning method: can be cleaned with soap or washed with hot water, but cannot be inserted into the cleaning machine.

★ Scope of application:

(1) external sun protection, car sun visor, shade balcony, greenhouse shade, etc.

(2) ideal camping, balcony, storage, covered parking space to prevent ultraviolet rays

(3) can be used as a warehouse for greenhouses, etc.

★ How to use:

Avoid sharp cuts

★ Other instructions:

Measure the dimensions of the product manually, please forgive a 10-15 cm error

For live footage, lighting, visual effects and personal opinions, refer to the actual product.

● The color of the image may be different due to differences in light and display. Please refer to the actual product.

● This object contains no other decorations in the image.

● Please measure before purchase to avoid buying the wrong size and compromising normal use.

● If you are not satisfied or if the product is damaged, please contact us by e-mail. please believe us

Delivery time: 8-15 working days, 30 working days. If you do not receive the order within 30 days, please contact us, we will be happy to help you.

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