JINLIN-Tarpaulin 6949968107229

Rain Cloth Car Waterproof Sunscreen Pvc Canvas Sunshade Truck Tarpaulin (Color : 5x10m)

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Brand: JINLIN-Tarpaulin

Color: 5x10m


  • Made of PVC, it has many uses, good quality, not easy to damage, and long service life
  • A reinforced round hole is designed at the edge and will not be damaged during use
  • Waterproof coating, rainwater will not leak, and the effect is very good
  • High temperature heat treatment edge, no pinholes, no water leakage, good waterproof effect
  • This poncho is thicker, wear-resistant, long-lasting, anti-aging and corrosion-resistant


Product Name: Rain cloth

Material: PVC

color: grey

Thickness: 0.55mm

Features: waterproof, sunshade, dustproof, and many other features.

Features: waterproof, stretch resistant, soft, not hard.

Weight: 550g / square meter

Reinforcement: the edges are reinforced and detached

Size: 2*2, 2*3, 2*4, 3*3, 3*4, 3*6, 4*4, 4*5, 4*6, 4*8, 4*10, 5*5, 5*6, 5*7, 5*10

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EAN: 6949968107229