RIP CURL 9346799458822

RIP CURL Flashbomb 5/3mm Zip Free Wetsuit BLUE WSM7UF

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Color: blue


  • Sports

Publisher: Rip Curl

Details: Rip Curl Flashbomb 5/3mm Zip Free Wetsuit The Flash Bomb Zip Free is loaded with all the features you want in a high performance wetsuit. This suit has the new E5 Flash lining from the legs to chest. E5 Flash lining has 25% more stretch and is lower profile and lighter than its predecessor. Other key features include 3/4 aquaban plus tape E5 tape in arms and E5 flashlining tape. Easier Zip Free Entry System: Designed for easy on and off specifically engineered for function and ease of use. 3/4 E5 Flashlining: Lined up to the armpits E5 flash lining offers 25% more stretch then other linings and has a faster drying time. It is also lighter thanks to the increased air pockets E5 Neoprene in Arms: E5 is Ripcurls premium neoprene with a high stretch value and weighing a lot less then the more affordable E4 lining. 3/4 Internal E5 Flashlining Tape: Much like the lining this tape offers superior stretch and lightness Also including 3/4 Aquaban+ outer taping. Ergonomic design: Strategically placed seams and seamless under arms mean that you exert less energy so can last longer in the water.

EAN: 9346799458822