RLJJCS Fashion Lightweight And Convenient Yurt Tent Oxford Cloth BBQ Resort Outdoor Camping Tourist Tent Waterproof And Rainproof Oxford Cloth Tent tent

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Color: Rice White


  • Polyester
  • Can accommodate 4
  • All main zippers and floor seams are factory sealed
  • High-strength 1000 D polyethylene bathtub flooring for added durability, even with welded leak-proof welds at the corners
  • The curtains and walls are coated with polyester fabric (450 mm coating) to make the tent rainproof


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Fashion Lightweight and convenient Yurt tent Oxford cloth BBQ Resort Outdoor camping tourist tent Waterproof and rainproof Oxford cloth tent


Specifications: 3M/4M/5M/6M

Weight: about 20000/28000/34000/47000(g)

Construction situation: need to build

Spatial structure: one bedroom

Style features: waterproof, picnic, cold, warm, wild survival, mountain climbing, windproof

Foreign account waterproof factor: 1000mm (inclusive) -1500mm (not included)

Waterproof coefficient of the bottom account: greater than 3000MM

Pole: steel pipe

Primer: Oxford cloth

Inner account: Oxford cloth

Variety: Other

Foreign account: Oxford cloth

Color: beige

Applicable number: 3 meters oxford cloth, 3 meters cotton cloth, 4 meters oxford cloth, 4 meters cotton cloth, 5 meters oxford cloth, 5 meters cotton cloth, 6 meters oxford cloth, 6 meters cotton cloth

Important statement:

Only the product itself is sold, not including other decorations.

Due to differences in light, environment and display, products and pictures may have a certain color difference, which is normal.

Hello, welcome to RLJJCS, welcome to buy our products, we will be happy to help you.

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