RY Thicken Tarps/Rainproof Cloth Waterproof Sunscreen Tarpaulin/Truck Tarpaulin Tarpaulin Awning Cloth Outdoor Garden Canvas Shade Cloth Tent Cloth (Size : 6x8m)

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Brand: RY


  • A high-strength silk canvas, durable and durable, B-side rubberized layer, waterproof and corrosion resistant, thickened 50% wind resistant and tear resistant
  • Waterproof, mildew proof, cold resistant, aging resistant, antistatic, etc., and strong breaking strength, tear elongation, tear strength, suitable for construction, trucks, Haimao port, long-term waterproof sunscreen
  • It adopts advanced technology and is processed by multiple processes. The high-temperature heat-sealing of the four sides has no pinholes, no water leakage, no cracking, and fine workmanship.
  • The whole area is wrapped with thick rope, which has a three-dimensional effect, beautiful appearance, uniform force and durability.
  • Four corner reinforcement wrap angle treatment, 4 sides and corners are installed with enlarged buttonholes, and the encryption installation distance is about 1 meter, which is convenient for fixing.


Tarpaulin: Durable and reusable. Suitable for extreme weather and site conditions. Provides optimal UV protection: 100% shade, while the silver coating reflects UV light. Suitable for: construction sites, roofs, paintings, leaf/chip cleaning, camping, picnics, hunting, canopies and tent flights. They are suitable for equipment, boats, outdoor furniture, stakes or almost any item that needs to be protected from weather elements.

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