Teleflex 8719182684404

Teleflex Seastar 'Back Mount Rack' Control System with Head + Cable + Mounting Kit Boat Steering Rack Steering Dimensions 23 ft - 7.02 m

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Brand: Teleflex


  • Rack steering.
  • For inboard and outboard engines
  • Up to 173KW/235PS
  • Up to 30 feet / 9.15 m

Publisher: SeaStar Solutions

Details: Teleflex back mount rack control up to 173 kW / 235 HP.

Complete set in box includes: control head, mounting kit & control cable.

Due to the compact design, the steering gear does not require a large space in the control stand.

Very easy to steer thanks to the rack system.

Saarwebstore is thinking of its customers, you pay the same price up to 21 feet long! Features:
  • Very easy to steer
  • Assembly time: only 50%
  • Secured nut does not shift during assembly.
  • 90˚ mounting with or without friction brake
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • 3.5 steering wheel rotations
  • Max. Steering wheel diameter: 408 mm.
  • Min. Cable radius: 200 mm
  • Seastar Solution - Control Systems are CE/N.M.M.A./ISO 9775-ISO 8848/A.B.Y-.C.-P-17 Standards.

    Length dimensions: A + B + C + 150 mm.

    Length calculations based on the old train.

    Please measure the black case only and count 760mm.

    EAN: 8719182684404