WKHQQ-Rainproof cloth

WKHQQ-Rainproof cloth Sunscreen thickening sunshade awning insulation tarpaulin padded waterproof tarpaulin heavy duty tarpaulin tarpaulin outdoor camping tent tarpaulin (Color : A, Size : 7×5m)

Brand: WKHQQ-Rainproof cloth

Color: A


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  • Suitable for farms and construction sites such as large equipment, trucks, rainproof, outdoor shades, etc.
  • Features: waterproof, sunscreen, sunshade, heat insulation, cold resistance, antifreeze, mildew proof, anti-aging, soft


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Name: PVC rain cloth

Color: green

Material: industrial polyester yarn + PVC

Thickness: 0.4mm+0.02mm

Waterproof performance: double-sided waterproof

1. Heat sealing edging: high temperature heat sealing double edging, tight edging, not easy to tear, durable

2. Aluminum-zinc buttonhole: all holes on all sides, 1 hole around 1m

3. High temperature splicing: high temperature melting coating and bonding together

4. Waterproof performance: double-sided PVC coating, double-sided waterproof effectively prevents rainwater from penetrating

5. Thickened coating: thickened encryption coated cloth

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