WKHQQ-Rainproof cloth

WKHQQ-Rainproof cloth Tarpaulin, outdoor thick waterproof rainproof tent cloth goods sun heat insulation wear high temperature anti-aging tarpaulin tarpaulin (Color : Green, Size : 6x7m)

Brand: WKHQQ-Rainproof cloth

Color: Green


  • Wide range of products, elaborate, high quality products, low price
  • Suitable for farms and construction sites such as large equipment, trucks, rainproof, outdoor shades, etc.
  • Corns: aluminum alloy, rust-proof, all four-sided punching (the amount of buttonholes is limited, not too hard)
  • Features: waterproof, sunscreen, sunshade, environmentally friendly, soft, easy to fold


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Product Name: tarpaulin

Packing quantity: 1

Color: green

Material: polyester yarn, PVC

Thickness: 0.45mm±0.05

Weight: 560g / m2 ± 20

Dimensions: 2x2m, 2x3m, 3x3m, 3x4m, 4x5m, 4x6m, 5x5m, 5x6m, 5x7m, 6x7m (size can be customized)


[Rugged heat seal, thick rope reinforced hem

[Rebar Corner] Aluminum alloy eyelet, rust-proof, high-quality thick rope sewed around the hem for optimum stability and tear resistance

[Multifunctional and compact] Suitable for covering trucks, bicycles, boats, etc. The same applies to paint protection because the droplets do not penetrate or act as a heavy-duty floor to maximize moisture. Folded into a small size for easy storage in a small space or in a backpack

[All weather] anti-corrosion, waterproof, anti-shrinkage, and equipped with UV stabilizers. Designed for all weatherability, including sub-zero winter temperatures and hot summers, making it ideal for roof coverings

Tarpaulins can be used in the following areas:

▶Building site: protection of wood, aggregates and machines

▶ Farm: Protecting food, animal feed and machinery

▶ Home: Covers boats, trailers, swimming pools, garden furniture and barbecues

▶ Leisure: ground, seat bunker, picnic and beach mat, windproof

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