WKHQQ-Rainproof cloth

WKHQQ-Rainproof cloth Tarpaulin thick rainproof waterproof logistics truck construction dustproof windproof plastic cloth corrosion resistance anti-aging, dark green tarpaulin

Brand: WKHQQ-Rainproof cloth

Color: Green


  • Wide range of products, elaborate, high quality products, low price
  • Suitable for farms and construction sites such as large equipment, trucks, rainproof, outdoor shades, etc.
  • Material: PE (soft, impact resistant, anti-oxidation, tear resistance, corrosion resistance, light weight, no odor, environmental protection)
  • Detailed information: high temperature heat sealing bilateral (firm, not easy to tear, durable); high temperature stitching (seamless stitching, impermeable); waterproof performance (double-sided waterproof)


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Name: tarpaulin

quantity: 1

Material: PE

Thickness: 0.25mm ± 0.05mm

Waterproof: double-sided waterproof

Weight: 175±20g / m2

Color: dark green

Reinforcement: surrounded by rope (wearable, convenient); encrypted buttonhole (one hole per 1m, easy to repair, safe); wrap angle (thickening, durable)

Cleaning method: You can wipe with soap or with warm water, but you can't put it into the machine for cleaning.

Features: Super waterproof, sunscreen, anti-corrosion mold, tensile and tear resistance, cold acid resistance, easy to fold and easy to deform, easy to wash, available for four seasons

Uses: Widely used in trucks, cars, ships, railway stations, seaports, airport open pits, granaries, crops, canopies, farms, etc.

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