WKHQQ-Rainproof cloth

WKHQQ-Rainproof cloth Tarpaulin thickening outdoor awning cloth truck shed cloth waterproof tarpaulin insulation wear-resistant anti-aging tarpaulin (Color : Green, Size : 4M*8M)

Brand: WKHQQ-Rainproof cloth

Color: Green


  • Wide range of products, elaborate, high quality products, low price
  • Suitable for farms and construction sites such as large equipment, trucks, rainproof, outdoor shades, etc.
  • Do not experience excessive tension after wearing the rope around the grommets of the tarpaulin. Otherwise, it will tear the tarpaulin. If the rope is not manufactured, it will also cause damage and service life of the tarpaulin.


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Product Name: Waterproof / sunscreen cloth

Material: Industrial polyester yarn + PVC

Thickness: 0.4mm (measurement is prevalent)

Material: This product is made of high-density PVC material, waterproof and sun-proof, not easy to age, easy to fold.

★ Cleaning method: You can wipe with soap or with warm water, but can not be put into the machine to clean.

★ Features:

--- This product uses high-density polyethylene material, with sun-proof insulation, anti-freeze, easy to fold, good flexibility, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, waterproof and so on.

--- Mainly used for waterproof tarpaulins, tents, architectural membranes, food, bridges, buildings, port services, trains, warehousing, terminals, freight yards, etc., as well as various transportation vehicles, waterproof equipment, dust and rain cover.

---Dustproof room, house partition, windshield, tent cloth, stretcher, etc.

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