WKHQQ-Rainproof cloth

WKHQQ-Rainproof cloth Waterproof tarpaulin heavy duty perforated tarpaulin outdoor waterproof cloth tarpaulin (Color : A, Size : 6×5m)

Brand: WKHQQ-Rainproof cloth

Color: A


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  • Suitable for farms and construction sites such as large equipment, trucks, rainproof, outdoor shades, etc.


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❤Tarpaulin can be used in the following areas:

Construction site: protection of wood, aggregate and machinery.

Farm: Protect food, animal feed and machinery.

Family: Covers boats, trailers, swimming pools, garden furniture and barbecues.

Leisure: floor, seat, picnic and beach mat, windproof.

❤ Product Features:

1. Double-sided waterproof, waterproof, durable sun protection, sunshade.

2. Aluminum zinc buttonhole, high temperature stitching, not easy to leak.

3. Nylon rope surround, sturdy and durable, easy to use.

The ❤ package includes:

Tarpaulin × 1

❤About use:

1. This product is hand-made, the tarpaulin needs to be sewn and covered, and the actual size is slightly normal for a few centimeters.

2. Due to the difference in personal display, slight chromatic aberration may occur.

3. All tarpaulins are perforated on all sides, and should not be pulled at will after piercing the eyes.

Otherwise, the buttonholes may be deformed or peeled off.

4. Do not rub the waterproof oil onto the ground with strong force to avoid sharp sharp objects scratching the tarpaulin.

5. Large tarpaulins are not recommended for vertical suspension, and grommets cannot withstand the weight of tarpaulins.

◆Material: PVC coated cloth, 650g / m2, thickness: 0.65mm.

◆Advantages: double-sided waterproof, high-temperature heat-sealed double-layer edging, nylon rope, rust-proof aluminum grommets, strong and wear-resistant.

◆Multi-purpose: Suitable for houses, gardens, outdoor, camping, etc.

◆ Dimensions: 3 × 3 m, 4 × 3 m, 3 × 5 m, 6 × 4 m, 6 × 5 m, 7 × 5 m.

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