XJLG-Shading net

XJLG-Shading net Sunshade net, outdoor sunshade breathable jungle camouflage camouflage net protective net polyethylene Shading net (Color : Desert colors 2, Size : 10 x 10m)

Brand: XJLG-Shading net

Color: Desert colors 2


  • Sun protection, UV protection, professional quality is trustworthy
  • Strong and firm, widened, thickened, wear-resistant, anti-aging
  • Wide range of applications: courtyards, farms, amusement parks, car factories, gardens, etc.
  • Features: Lightweight and durable, mesh breathable, perfect plant coverage, summer sunshade; wear-resistant, encrypted sunshade, rain, dust, moisturizing, cooling, foldable, breathable; edge protection and 4-angle reinforcement design


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Product Name: Sunscreen

quantity: 1

Shading rate: about 85%

Color: Desert Color 1, Desert Color 2

★ dimensions: 1 x 2 yards, 1.5 x 2 yards, 2 x 2 yards, 2 x 3 yards, 3 x 3 yards, 3 x 4 yards, 4 x 4 yards, 4 x 5 yards, 4 x 6 yards, 5 x5 m, 5 x 6 meters, 6 x6 m, 6 x 8m, 6 x10m, 10 x10m6x6m, 6x8m, 8x8m, 8x10


Material: polyethylene, soft material, UV resistant, durable, environmentally friendly, smooth, flexible

Applications: camping, hunting, shooting, hiding, covering, coloring, stage background, decoration, camouflage, field photography, amusement park

★ Features:

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EAN: 8081160848628