ZENGZHIJIE Pet Drying Water Blowing Machine Dog Bathing Cat Hair Dryer Dryer Small Medium Pet Beauty Salon Dedicated Home Professional (Color : Pink)

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Color: Pink


  • This product is fully automatic pet drying box with one-button intelligent operation, constant temperature and low noise drying, negative ion hair care SPA, three-way perspective can be interactive, and one box is used as a pet cage.
  • The thermostat is safer: the triple temperature control temperature is constant, and it is refused to be cold and hot; the automatic power-off protection plug is safer when the temperature is over-temperature or leakage.
  • Blow dry faster: multi-winding cyclotron constant temperature blows dry, the wind blows up from the abdomen, the cycle multi-role no dead angle drying process is more comfortable, the speed is greatly improved.
  • Low noise and more enjoyment: the drying box runs at a low temperature of only 50 decibels compared to the hair dryer, which greatly reduces the noise and gives the pet a wholehearted care. UV disinfection to avoid bacterial growth to prevent cross-infection as a pet's health escort pets can easily get more.
  • Negative ion SPA: Drying simultaneously transports a large amount of negative ions, which enhances the brightness of the pet's hair, and at the same time increases the fluffy feel of the hair, and the beauty is integrated. Double-side fresh air outlet, double air intake on both sides of the cabinet, fresh air and strong fluidity, no tidal, more comfortable and safe.


Product Name: Automatic Pet Dryer

Product color: pink, blue

Product specifications: 550*480*650mm

Product material: tempered quartz glass, cold rolled sheet

Rated power: 1200W

Noise: 50--60 dB

Temperature: 32--42 degrees Celsius

Applicable: dogs and cats weighing less than 10kg

Features: One-button intelligent operation; constant temperature and low noise drying; negative ion hair care SPA; three-sided perspective can be interactive throughout; one box dual-use as a pet cage.

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